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Association for Women in Science Condemns House Title IX Ruling
July 12, 2024
The Association for Women in Science condemns the U.S. House vote to overturn the Title IX rules put forward by the U.S. Department of Education in April.
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AWIS Chapter Spotlight: Seattle
July 12, 2024
The AWIS Seattle chapter, which has been supporting women in STEM since 1985, recently hosted their 10th annual awards banquet.
AWIS Seattle chapter logo
AWIS Member Spotlight: Folashade Olorunfemi
July 12, 2024
Folashade (Gloria) Olorunfemi is a STEM advocate with a biochemistry and education background who wants to inspire others, especially women, to pursue STEM and contribute to equity.
Folashade Olorunfemi
Field science and volunteer research inspired Breeann Ortega-Roberts to become an ecological technician
July 9, 2024
Breaann Ortega-Robertsan is an ecological technician, who found herself through discovering a love for field science.
MASS-AWIS Celebrates Two Decades of Championing Women in Science
July 5, 2024
In 2024, the Massachusetts (Boston) chapter of the Association for Women in Science celebrates its 20th anniversary.
AWIS Member Spotlight: Aurelia Valente
July 5, 2024
Aurelia Valente is a Master of the Arts candidate for Biological Sciences through the Dragonfly Global Field Program at Miami University, Oxford, as well as a PhD student at The University of New Mexico.
Aurelia Valente
Mary Guerrero is a consumer innovator dedicated to designing products that better our lives
July 2, 2024
Mary Guerrero is a Research & Development Senior Scientist who address peoples' challenges with technical solutions, while driving positive change.
How I Left the Lab Bench and Learned to Flourish
July 2, 2024
Taking calculated risks has been a big part of Dr. Indira Carey's story, with many ups and downs. These experiences made her who she is today.
Indira Carey, PhD
An Inclusive (Bio)Technological Future Requires a New STEM Culture
July 2, 2024
Samira Kiani explores the importance of combining emotional and spiritual intelligence with traditional STEM education to create responsible technologies of the future.
Samira Kiani
AWIS Chapter Spotlight: Palo Alto
June 27, 2024
In the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation thrives and ideas spark revolutions, the Association for Women in Science Palo Alto Chapter has stood as a beacon for women in STEM for almost four decades.
Palo Alto chapter logo
The Effect of AI on Research
June 26, 2024
How AI is being utilized in the sciences is as varied as the disciplines, with both positive and negative impacts.
Patricia Soochan
The Impact of AI on Inequities
June 26, 2024
AI has the ability to both reproduce and exacerbate existing inequities of people of African American, Latine, Native American, and Pacific Islander descent, people from groups who are economically disadvantaged, and women in science fields.
Patricia Soochan
The Role of AI in Robotics
June 26, 2024
Robotics and artificial intelligence are now thought of as going hand in hand, but that wasn’t always the case. Patricia Soochan investigates the role of AI in robotics.
Patricia Soochan
AWIS Member Spotlight: Usha Rao
June 25, 2024
An AWIS member since 2001, Dr. Usha Rao is a Professor of Chemistry at Saint Joseph’s University. She has received the AWIS Zenith award for lifetime achievement and leadership.
Anna Exley lands her dream career as a wildlife technician
June 25, 2024
Anna Exley has wanted to do field work in wildlife since high school, and now she surveys bird populations in Montana.
One Size Does Not Fit All
June 25, 2024
It’s important to celebrate women’s career goals and future plans, whether or not marriage and children are in the picture.
Emily Hitt
AWIS Member Spotlight: Heather Juzwa
June 21, 2024
Heather Juzwa is a Senior Field Sales Engineer at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc, where she has been recognized with at least one performance award each year of her career.
Heather Juzwa
Association for Women in Science Announces New Board Members
June 21, 2024
The Association for Women in Science is pleased to announce that Iris Yuning Ye and Melora Zaner will join the AWIS National Governing Board beginning July 1, 2024.
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8 Key Characteristics of Extraordinary STEM Women Leaders
June 20, 2024
Susan Morris, MEd, CPCC, ACC, uncovers some common traits of extraordinary women leaders.
Susan Morris
AWIS Webinar - Salaries, Negotiating, and Knowing Your Worth
June 18, 2024
Money is often a source of stress, yet we're taught not to discuss it openly. Career coach Alaina G. Levine invites participants to use money as a tool for career advancement, gain tips on salary negotiation, and build their ideal career, ultimately achieving their professional and financial goals.
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From headlines to firewalls: Learn how Florence Obondo transitioned her career to cybersecurity
June 18, 2024
Florence Obondo used her master's of science in information and communication sciences as a foundation to pivot to cybersecurity.
Navigating the Science Career Path: Strategic Insights for Career Choices in 2024 and Beyond
June 18, 2024
Embarking on a scientific career is an exciting journey punctuated by pivotal decisions and important turning points. Dr. Joanne Kamens, PhD, shared her experienced insights in her recent AWIS webinar “How to Choose Your Next Lab or Workplace."
Reflections: Forming and Modeling a STEM Identity
June 18, 2024
Elaine Nkwocha shares the journey that led her to teach science, provide mentorship, and advocate for girls and women in STEM.
Elaine Nkwocha
AWIS Webinar - DEI Foundations: Building Your Leadership Engagement Strategy
June 14, 2024
Do you currently have a leadership engagement strategy in place? What obstacles are you trying to overcome? Jimi Okubanjo guides you through the process of using a stakeholder engagement matrix and identifying allies in your journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.
AWIS Member Spotlight: Chinwe Obi
June 14, 2024
As a lecturer at the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Chinwe Obi spearheaded the adoption of technology in teaching, halving the cost of materials and enhancing education.
Chinwe Obi

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