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A Cornucopia of Food Science Careers
May 30, 2023
Food science is surprisingly multidisciplinary, comprising the varied fields of chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, nutrition, engineering, agriculture, natural resources, and the social sciences.
Drawing of food scientists with an oversized machine and cornucopia
Resume and Interview Tips to Get Noticed and Get the Job
May 24, 2023
Discover how to effectively showcase your skills and experience on your resume, learn techniques for presenting your worth and value during the interview process, and adopt important compensation and negotiation strategies.
AWIS Chapter Spotlight – Houston
May 24, 2023
AWIS Houston: Empowering the STEM Community through Collaboration and Recognition
AWIS Houston chapter logo
The Power of Grassroots Organizing and Community Level Actions
May 22, 2023
AWIS members have been at the forefront of creative sustainability practices in their neighborhoods.
Thinking About a Career Pivot? Put on Your Lab Coat
May 19, 2023
If I put aside my fears and what I think other people want me to do, what can I do that will make me feel more alive?
Women scientists gathered around and pointing to a giant clipboard with scientific method questions.
Member spotlight Joy Ramos
May 18, 2023
AWIS member Joy (Maria Rowena) Ramos, PhD is a Senior Medical Director at International Meetings & Science (IMsci).
AWIS member Joy Ramos, PhD
Great Resignation in Academia
May 15, 2023
Dissatisfaction among early-career and mid-career researchers has always been apparent, but the pandemic was the final nail in the coffin.
Illustration of woman with head on computer holding up a depleted battery
AWIS member spotlight Puja Sapra
May 11, 2023
AWIS member Puja Sapra, PhD
AWIS Announces Partnership with Nokia Corporation
May 10, 2023
AWIS is pleased to announce that Nokia Corporation is the latest organization to join its partner program.
AWIS flower (five circles overlap creating a spirograph or blooming rose effect, dark purple center with white AWIS, and the "petals" decrease in color intensity as you move away from the center
Food: The 2050 Challenge and the Women Addressing It
May 8, 2023
The world has a major dilemma: food is more abundant for humans than it has ever been, but there are growing concerns, both literally and figuratively.
AWIS Statement on Gender Bias in Science
May 5, 2023
Evidence of gender parity in the three domains of grant funding, journal acceptances, and recommendation letters cannot be extrapolated to mean that gender bias does not exist in academic science.
5 overlapping purple circles with AWIS in the dark purple center
AWIS Chapter Spotlight – San Diego
May 4, 2023
The Academia to Industry (A2I) Committee of the AWIS San Diego Chapter has done a fantastic job organizing Virtual Coffee Chats with various professionals in STEM to highlight the different types of jobs available outside of academia.
AWIS San Diego Chapter logo
Gender Empowerment Is Critical to Global Climate Initiatives
May 4, 2023
Gender empowerment must be built into sustainability initiatives if we want to avert further climate crises and build a sustainable future.
gender empowerment fists
Demystifying the Hidden Curriculum for PhD Success
May 2, 2023
Maya Gosztyla, a PhD student in Biomedical Sciences at the University of California San Diego, developed a system for reading scientific papers.
AWIS member Maya Gosztyla
Joint Response to RFI on the NIH Plan to Enhance Public Access to the Results of NIH-Supported Research
April 28, 2023
AWIS joins AAAS and fifteen scientific societies and associations in a letter to the NIH urging them to focus on creating an environment that balances reader access to published work with researchers’ ability to publish.
AWIS Announces New Rhode Island Chapter
April 28, 2023
AWIS is pleased to announce that another local chapter has been established in the state of Rhode Island. This brings the number of chapters to thirty-two.
On a Mission: Dr. Laurie Leshin Shares Her Thoughts on Groundbreaking Roles, Promoting Women, and Changing Systems
April 26, 2023
Dr. Laurie Leshin, director of JPL, one of many women in STEM rising to the challenges of solving the environmental crises ahead.
Dr. Laurie Leshin
AWIS member spotlight Denise Rios
April 20, 2023
Denise Rios is an PhD candidate and Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. She has been in the health care working with acute traumatic brain injuries (TBI) over twelve years.
AWIS member Denise Rios
The Science of Interpersonal Interactions
April 19, 2023
This one-hour professional development webinar, geared toward STEM graduate students and early-career professionals, breaks interpersonal interactions down into two distinct but interacting parts: sending messages and receiving them.
Do the Work You Love Without Burning Out
April 17, 2023
Are you fulfilling your life’s purpose? Or do you love your job but feel like something is missing? If so, you may be experiencing burnout. Nataly Kogan recently joined a fireside chat with AWIS CEO Meredith Gibson to discuss “How to Do the Work You Love Without Burning Out.” Kogan provides insights on how to […]
book cover for The Awesome Human Project: Break Free from Burnout, Struggle Less, and Thrive More in Work and Life
AWIS member spotlight Stephanie Lebsack
April 12, 2023
AWIS member Steff Lebsack is a Speech-Language Pathologist, high school cross country coach and experiences chronic lung disease.
AWIS member Stephanie Lebsack
Master Your Next Speaking Presentation
April 10, 2023
Research and discovery are the foundations of our livelihoods in STEM. Women continue to advance the world through science, technology, and other avenues, but once their research is complete, their efforts to share key findings become crucial for enacting social change. As a researcher and scientist, you may find presenting your work to be one […]
AWIS member Dr. Joanne Kamens
A Story of Adversity and Hardship and Beauty and Triumph
April 5, 2023
Kimberly Fiock always wanted to be a scientist and despite a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, is now an Experimental Pathology PhD candidate at The University of Iowa.
AWIS member Kimberly Fiock in a lab coat holding a human brain
Network through social media
April 5, 2023
While social media is meant to be, well, social, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage when it comes to building your professional network. In fact, social media might be the best way to do your networking virtually. Here’s how you can use some of the most popular social media sites for […]
discs connected with lines symbolizing networking
AWIS Member Spotlight Ambily Abraham
March 31, 2023
As a scientific tinkerer, Ambily Abraham, PhD has always found passion in exploring the unknown and connecting with fellow enthusiasts.
AWIS member Ambily Abraham
AWIS Chapter Spotlight - Boston Massachusetts
March 30, 2023
Kathy Nevola, PhD, created the AWIS Boston Chapter LGBTQ+ affinity group to create a supportive place for LGBTQ+ individuals in the STEM fields to experience professional development, community building, and mentorship as well as to highlight voices and experiences from within the LGBTQ+ community.
a collage of Boston Massachusetts monuments including Paul Revere statue
AWIS Member Spotlight: Mac McGuire
March 24, 2023
AWIS member Mac McGuire is a current Masters student at SMU, pursuing her PhD in the fall in geophysics, as well as her MBA in Business Analytics.
AWIS member Mac McGuire
From Gatekeeping to Groundskeeping: Inclusive Facilitation for Diverse Groups
March 23, 2023
Ensuring that all voices are heard is key to benefitting from team or workplace diversity. Dr. Sherry Marts will introduce approaches and methods for ensuring that meetings are both diverse and inclusive.
Finding Fulfillment in a Manufacturing Career
March 20, 2023
Do you ever think about how something is made? Something as simple as a pen comprises many components that add up to a finished product. Think about how the pen’s parts are put together in a way that ensures it is safe and meets quality requirements, such as not leaking. This is manufacturing. Recently I […]
Belinda Black
AWIS Announces Call for Board Nominations
March 15, 2023
The Association for Women in Science is accepting nominations for two new directors to join the national governing board for the July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2026 term. Applications are due April 15, 2023.
5 overlapping purple circles with AWIS in the dark purple center
AWIS Announces Partnership with UMBC
March 15, 2023
The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) has elected to partner with the Association for Women in Science to provide members of the UMBC community with access to online resources, programs, scholarships, and networking opportunities to support their journeys as students and professionals.
the shiled of University of Maryland Baltimore County - yellow and black checks on the left, red and white on the right
Stop Saying Yes to Unrewarded Work
March 15, 2023
Any of you reading this article have done work that didn’t advance your career. Maybe you spent time dealing with a research partner who disrupted the team, chaired your department’s website committee, or stayed late rerunning your lab mate’s experiment to help them out. We call these “nonpromotable tasks,” or NPTs for short, because while […]
Dr. Linda Babcock, Brenda Peyser, Dr. Lise Vesterlund, and Dr. Laurie Weingart, authors of The No Club–Putting a Stop to Women’s Dead-End Work
AWIS Member Spotlight: Laura Kanalina
March 14, 2023
AWIS member Laura Kanalina
AWIS Announces 2022 ‘Shooting Star’ Chapter Awards
March 10, 2023
The Association for Women in Science has designated nine ‘Shooting Star’ Chapters in recognition of their initiatives throughout 2022 that supported the AWIS mission of advancing women in science.
5 overlapping purple circles with AWIS in the dark purple center
The Economic Cost of Health Disparities
March 9, 2023
Improving diverse representation in clinical trials and research has been a federal policy priority for decades. Yet a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine makes clear that as a nation, we still have a long way to go to make our clinical research enterprise more equitable. Although there has been […]
blond woman wearing glasses (black frames with red arms and nose bridge) and light pink shirt smiles for the camera
AWIS Member Spotlight: Shruti Shrestha
March 8, 2023
Shruti Shrestha, PhD
PhD Not Required: Story of a Successful Scientist
March 3, 2023
One of the most frequent questions I get asked in academic settings is, “Are you interested in getting a PhD?” Though I gave this question a lot of thought when I was working on my master’s degree, I don’t think about it anymore. As an international student, I did not consider applying to a PhD […]
Sushmitha Vallabh, Lab Manager, SBP Medical Discovery Institute
AWIS Member Spotlight: Judith Weis, PhD
March 1, 2023
Science Communication From a Writer’s Perspective
February 23, 2023
Everyone can benefit from learning how to communicate more clearly, especially in writing. Freelance scientific editor Ellen Kuwana will provide insight into what a career in science writing looks like and how to get there.
Dr. Annica Wayman: Engineering a Path for Herself and Others
February 23, 2023
It’s impossible to pigeonhole Dr. Annica Wayman. Not only has she has excelled as a leader in her chosen field of engineering, where women, and especially women of color, have been persistently underrepresented; in an era of specialization, she has moved seamlessly from one employment sector to another. Dr. Wayman’s versatile career took off after […]
Dr. Annica Wayman
AWIS Member Spotlight: Allison Augustus-Wallace
February 15, 2023
Collaborating to Achieve Gender Equity in Medical Schools
February 13, 2023
Gender equity remains a frustratingly unrealized goal in STEM fields, including medicine. The GEMS Alliance is committed to addressing all of these obstacles to gender equity.
The Next DEI Frontier: Behavior Change
February 9, 2023
Research shows that workers prioritize DEI but are becoming tired of simply talking about it. The Inclusion Habit® is a three-month program designed to cultivate more inclusive behaviors through daily micro-commitments.
The six habit building phases of The Inclusion Habit (R) 1) inclusion matters - install a belief that new habit has benefit 2) recognize bias - provide tools to identify and measure bias 3) transform mindset - redirect defensive effort to positive change 4) think slowly - practice aligning actions with values and intentions 5) change intuition - reprogram systematic errors/overwrite biases 6) enhance empathy - hone inclusivity of unseen diversity (copyright The Inclusion Habit LLC)
AWIS Member Spotlight: Patrice Yarbough, PhD
February 8, 2023
Patrice O. Yarbough PhD, former senior scientist at NASA JSC was awarded the 2020 Silver Achievement Medal for leadership in the human research HERA program. Recently retired, she provides strategic advising for the AWIS National Governing Board, serves on the University of Houston STEMRISE Advisory Board and is Board Trustee for the Marine Biological Laboratory.
AWIS Chapter Spotlight – North Carolina
February 7, 2023
North Carolina is a leading biotechnology hub and home to top-tier academic institutions which makes it an ideal location for an AWIS chapter. Since being re-established in 2021, the chapter has hosted talent optimization workshops, diversity, equity and inclusion talks, and networking socials.
AWIS logo on the left with lighthouse on the right, lighthouse beam contains a DNA strand
AWIS Member Spotlight: Michele Sample
February 1, 2023
Michele Sample is a trained clinical operations expert with over 25 years of clinical trial experience. She joined AstraZeneca in 2020 as the Vice President of Late Development Clinical Operations and leads the global team of Clinical Operations experts to execute the Oncology portfolio.
Lessons from Plants: Insights for Thriving
January 26, 2023
Plants experience a kind of sensation that does not require eyes or ears. Dr. Beronda Montgomery discusses how plant behavior and adaptation in dynamic environments, as well as the relationships that humans have with plants, can offer valuable and disruptive insights for human thriving.
4 Tips to Make Re-Entering the STEM Workforce Easier
January 26, 2023
Women take a break from the workforce for lots of reasons—parenting, caregiving, burnout recovery, relocation, etc. Sometimes the break is planned, and sometimes it isn’t. Either way, when it’s time to re-enter, you can feel some trepidation
Two women sitting at a desk with a laptop open in front of them
Global Call to Action for Mothers in STEMM
January 25, 2023
We represent a global movement for mothers in science led by Mothers in Science (MiS). We are a coalition of individuals and organizations from all around the world with a common goal: to demand our leaders for immediate action to support mothers in science and enact policies to eliminate systemic inequities and increase retention of women in the STEMM sector.
Don't Waste Another Job Application: Fix Your Resume
January 18, 2023
Typos and grammatical errors are common mistakes job seekers make, but the margin for error isn't limited to those two things. Check out the FREE resume review service through the AWIS Career Center.

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