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Invest In Yourself

AWIS gives you the tools and connections you need to lead in your profession. Access our on-demand career and personal development resources, exclusively tailored to the needs of women in STEM.

Build Your Community

With a 50-year history of championing women in science and over 30 grassroots chapters, AWIS offers opportunities for professional development, recognition, and networking with members, allies and supporters worldwide.

Be Informed

AWIS research and thought leaders’ communications dig deep into the literature and are designed to support you, as you define and accelerate your individual success.

Stand Tall for Diversity and Inclusion

AWIS fosters alliances that lead to action and advocacy, crucial to the creation of lasting, impactful change. With AWIS, you amplify your voice on issues that impact science, society, and women in STEM across all disciplines and work sectors.

Make Systemic Change Happen

AWIS magnifies your power to be a change agent for equity and inclusion in STEM. Our research provides evidence-based applications and practical solutions to transform the STEM workplace across all employment sectors.

Become an AWIS Ambassador

Lend your experience to inform AWIS advocacy, research, and systemic change initiatives. As a leader in STEM, you serve as a role model, mentor, and champion for women in STEM.

I have been a member of AWIS for over 16 years. I am have personally enjoyed interacting and networking with many women in STEM both in academia and industry. I have also benefited from the leadership experience I gained serving as Chair of several committees and on the Board of my local San Diego chapter.

Varykina Thackray, PhD

AWIS Member since 2005

Membership Types

In addition to Full Membership, AWIS offers equitable dues levels for early career professionals and students. All membership levels will receive the same benefits. Hover over each box below and click the appropriate button to join.

Tanvi Visal


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Any undergrad, graduate or post-doc can receive full benefits at a discounted rate. (Proof of enrollment may be required.)

Annual Dues: $35
Brittany Parker Kerrigan, PhD

Early Career

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Early Career

If you are in the first decade of your science career, join AWIS to find mentors, make connections, and stay current on issues, events, and opportunities.

Annual Dues: $59


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Develop yourself and your career through education, mentoring, networking, volunteering, and recognition opportunities.

Annual Dues: $149

Members featured (L-R): Tanvi Visal, AWIS Member since 2020; Brittany Parker-Kerrigan, PhD, AWIS Member since 2013; Patrice O. Yarbough, PhD, AWIS Member since 2003.

Member Resources

  • Online Member Community: participate in a discussion thread to ask questions, share encouragement, and create meaningful relationships with other AWIS members. 
  • AWIS Webinars: explore timely topics with exciting thought leaders through our What’s Next webinar series.
  • Weekly Newsletter and Members-Only Content: stay informed on trends, opportunities, and events.
  • Digital Subscription to AWIS Magazine: read about women’s contributions to STEM and their impact on society.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: to support the professional development and advancement of AWIS members.
  • Recognition: let us amplify your career achievements through member spotlights and AWIS communication channels.
  • AWIS Event Calendarregister for local and national events.
  • Membership Directoryconnect with AWIS members locally and nationally.

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