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AWIS advocates for systemic change and provides public recognition of women’s achievements. At the organizational level, this global network inspires leadership, research, and solutions that advance women in STEM, sparks innovation, and promotes organizational success. 

Need more convincing? Here is what a few of our members have to say about AWIS:

“A lot of PhD programs will inadvertently instill doubt about your abilities”

Dr. Maria Qadri at her desk

“There is a lot of gatekeeping involved in science the way that it is structured now and I’m hoping the efforts to remove that keep going forward. AWIS is a big part of that, showing women across the board, at every stage of their career, that there are opportunities.

AWIS programming makes me feel empowered. A lot of PhD programs will inadvertently instill doubt about your abilities and make you question your self-worth a little bit. Having AWIS reassure and remind me that my educational experiences are valuable and respected is exactly what I needed at the right time in my professional journey.”

Maria Qadri, PhD

Director of Operations for Journal of Science Policy & Governance, Vice President of Programs for AWIS DC Chapter, and AWIS Member since 2020

“I wasn’t comfortable at first, but I have grown so much being part of AWIS.”

Dr. Karen Yee in her lab

“I was a very reluctant president of the AWIS Boston Chapter. I feel more comfortable behind the scenes, but they asked me to step up to be President. I wasn’t comfortable at first, but I have grown so much being part of AWIS. I divided the work with my vice president. She dealt with internal committees, and I focused on external items. It worked beautifully and then succession was easy.

I am devoted to AWIS. The Boston area is one of the most competitive areas for science. I have had wonderful learning experiences and met some really great women here.”

Karen Yee, PhD

Researcher and Program Manager, MIT-Janssen Lung Cancer Initiative, Chair of the AWIS Chapter Advisory Committee, and AWIS member since 1994

“Hearing other’s stories helps you realize you aren’t the only one”

AWIS CAC Member Dr. Felicia A. McClary

“I was in the first cohort of STEM to Market. It was a great experience to share space with other women, all degree levels, different areas of STEM, who all had an interest in community and entrepreneurship. It offered great tools, and I am still connected to some of the people who were brought in to speak or mentor.

I met other AWIS members and had discussions about the challenges they have encountered. One woman was a postdoc at her university and getting a patent that would save lives. She talked very passionately about protecting her intellectual property. Hearing other’s stories helps you realize you aren’t the only one.”

Felicia McClary, PhD

Senior Program Manager at Amazon, AWIS Chapter Advisory Committee Member, and AWIS Member since 2017

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AWIS supports scientists at the beginning of their career journey by offering a discounted dues structure. Dues start as low as $35 for students, $59 for early career professionals, and $149 for full membership. (Note: All levels receive the same benefits.)

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