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Why Partner with AWIS?

Whether your organization is already heavily invested in gender equity or aspires to improve diversity, a partnership with AWIS may be just what you need! With full access to our community, research, and resources, your organization can:

  • Gain visibility as a proud supporter of AWIS
  • Reduce turnover by recognizing and retaining talented women
  • Develop and advance women into leadership
  • Improve your company culture, employee satisfaction, productivity and results
  • Grow your understanding of the issues facing women in science
  • Support the role that science plays in improving society

What Your Organization Receives

  • Participate in AWIS Thought Leadership Roundtables
  • Provide member benefits to your employees
  • Recruit talent through the AWIS Career Center and virtual career fairs
  • Showcase your company logo on the AWIS website
  • Place an AWIS Partner logo on your website
  • Advertise in our newsletter and magazine
  • Submit a full-length feature article to AWIS Magazine
  • Receive potential speaking and media opportunities

What Your Employees Receive

  • Participate in a discussion thread and share encouragement with other AWIS members in the online community.
  • Access to professional development resources and webinars to help advance their career
  • Networking, mentoring, and leadership opportunities
  • Recognition in member spotlights and social media
  • Access to thousands of job postings, career insights, and a free resume review service
  • Weekly member newsletters highlighting career advice, hot headlines, AWIS Advocacy, and events
  • Digital access to the award-winning AWIS Magazine
  • Eligibility for AWIS Scholarships
  • A sense of belonging with other local and national AWIS members who provide inspiration, support, and best practices

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Corporate Partners

Institutions can become partners too!

Explore Webinar Topics

Augment your training resources and increase employee engagement with engaging content such as:
  • Powerful and inspiring conversations with diversity and equity advocates like Dr. Jane Willenbring and Cynthia Chapple
  • Discussions with prominent authors like Marie Benedict, Minda Harts, and Dr. Malika Grayson
  • Professional development including networking, leadership, and emotional intelligence

Exclusive Film Screenings

AWIS provides members with access to thought-provoking documentaries on topics impacting women in science such as:
  • Picture a Scientist, chronicles the journey of three women scientists and their experiences with overt harassment and implicit bias
  • Coded Bias, a film by Shalini Kantayya, reveals the gender and racial biases in algorithms, A.I., and facial recognition software

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