AWIS Strategic Plan

Review the organization’s priorities for 2023-2026 

Letter from AWIS Board President

For over 50 years, as members of the Association for Women in Science, we have dedicated ourselves to demanding equity within the scientific workforce. The successes we have achieved represent markedly better career opportunities and trajectories for women scientists.

I’m proud to build on this legacy and to announce our new strategic plan. We have developed these goals through deep conversations, comprehensive information gathering from members and stakeholders, careful analysis of women’s challenges, and the identification of possible solutions that we can push for to achieve equity within STEM. We have also reviewed and updated our mission, vision, and core values to reflect our priorities.

AWIS will focus on four strategic priorities in the next three years:

  1. Cultivating and Expanding Partnerships — We will strengthen and expand collaborations with like-minded allies to amplify and elevate our mutual impact.
  2. Equity for All Women and Girls in STEM — We will work to accelerate opportunities that lead to transforming STEM places and to expand access that fosters an inclusive culture in STEM careers.
  3. Deepening Our Connections Through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging — We will strengthen an empathetic, supportive, and equitable environment to dismantle any barriers and accelerate a responsive AWIS Community.
  4. Elevating AWIS Chapters — We will support the sustainability, stability, and growth of AWIS chapters through effective leadership, membership engagement and resources.


I welcome your thoughts on the future direction of AWIS and on any collaborative opportunities you may envision for our national organization and your local community. We can drive positive change together.


Isabel Escobar, PhD

Chair, Association for Women in Science


To ensure that all women in science can achieve their full potential. AWIS champions the interests of women in science across all disciplines and employment sectors.


We will be the voice for driving change and equity for all women in science.

Core Values


WE STRIVE for fair treatment without discrimination, exclusion, and free of bias.


WE STRIVE to promote optimal work/life integration and create opportunities that reflect the dignity of women serving in multiple roles.


WE STRIVE to create a culture and sense of welcoming, connection, and belonging that honors intersectionality to ensure support, resources, and access.


WE STRIVE to acknowledge, promote, amplify, and celebrate the diversity, scientific contributions, and achievements of women.


WE STRIVE to advocate for innovation and change to beliefs, policies, and systems, past or present, that create structural barriers and/or disparities.

Explore the Four Strategic Priorities

Cultivating and Elevating Partnerships

Strengthen and expand AWIS collaborations to amplify our mutual impact.


  1. Refine Our Business Development Strategy
    • Update a well-defined plan with realistic financial goals and program metrics to measure.
  2. Mobilize Impactful Partnerships
    • Build greater recognition and visibility with like-minded organizations, influencers, and potential spokespersons.
  3. Advance Career Visibility and Opportunities
    • Elevate scientific accomplishments, recognition, and support services to foster growth.

Equity for All Women and Girls in STEM

Accelerate opportunities that lead to transforming STEM places and expanding access that fosters an inclusive culture in STEM careers.


  1. Co-create Advocacy and Research
    • Identify an action plan with AWIS Chapters to ensure that our research and data is sought by legislators at both state and federal levels.
  2. Increase Outreach to Underrepresented and Historically Marginalized, Disadvantaged, or Excluded populations.
    • Engage in listening and visits to understand the needs, possibilities, and/or opportunities.
  3. Facilitate a Pathway To, Through, and Beyond the Profession
    • Develop a roadmap to capture the milestones of involvement that are necessary in STEM from K-12 to retirement

Deepening Connectivity through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Strengthen an empathetic, supportive, and equitable environment to dismantle barriers and accelerate a responsive AWIS community.


  1. Evolve Allyship and Access
    • Expand opportunities for action, learning, and invitation to increase participation.
  2. Innovate Programs, Products, and Services
    • Build excitement with new ideas and approaches to remain relevant and address contemporary issues and topics.
  3. Create Regional Learning and Engagement Events
    • Host programming that fosters in-person and virtual connection through pairing, coupling, and intentional geographic alignments.

Elevating AWIS Chapters

Support the sustainability, stability, and growth of AWIS Chapters through effective leadership, membership engagement, and resources.


  1. Restructure Chapter Support
    • Clarify needs and establish metrics to increase the collaboration, management, and capacity.
  2. Innovate Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
    • Design a system and strategies for growth, consistency, and persistence in member involvement.
  3. Initiate Succession Planning
    • Create processes, initiatives, and resources for the sustainability of the chapter leadership and organization.

AWIS Strategic Planning Taskforce

Thank you to the AWIS Strategic Plan Task Force for their leadership throughout this journey. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to all our members and stakeholders who participated in the process by sharing their perspectives.

Mariama S. Boney, LMSW, CAE, CPEC
Achieve More LLC

Meredith Gibson
Association for Women in Science

Elise Lewis, PhD
Charles River Laboratories

Venkat Sethuraman, PhD
Bristol Myers Squibb

Isabel Escobar, PhD
University of Kentucky

Shanna Lavalle, PhD
Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Kathryn Oliver, PhD
Emory University School of Medicine

Jessi Smith, PhD
University of Colorado Colorado Springs