Wall of WISdom

Looking for inspiration on your STEM journey? Check out this helpful advice from AWIS members. If you have additional lessons learned or words of encouragement you’d like to share, complete the member spotlight questionnaire.

On Success

Dr. Georgina Salazar

Member Since 2013

Create a work life, career, and self-concept that support you. Take time regularly to acknowledge, celebrate, and support the passions and talents that have brought you fulfillment so far.

On Self-Acceptance

Anastasia Grilley

Member Since 2023

Learn to love yourself; treat yourself in the way that you treat others that you cherish. You cannot be a driver for love and change for others if you do not know how to love yourself. These feelings come from within, and they bleed out into the world, whether you want them to or not.

On Getting Started

Laura Kanalina

Member Since 2023

Whatever you want to pursue, just start doing and taking small steps every day to achieve the goal. The more you think about it, the more reasons you will find to “avoid” starting. There is a saying where I came from that truly impacted my life and career: “Eyes are afraid, but hands are doing.”

On Needing Help

Roxanna Martinez

Member Since 2022

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or ask questions. It’s okay to not know the answer to everything or need assistance. We are always learning and improving.

On Perfection

Dr. Karen Yee

Member Since 1994

Perfection is not always required. Sometimes ‘good enough’ is totally fine.

On Leadership

Mercy Orukpe Moses

Member Since 2023

Sacrifices are non-negotiable; you must be ready to sacrifice for the good of your followers [the people you lead].

On Passion

Dr. Camila de Avila Dal Bo

Member Since 2020

Focus on what lights your soul on fire. It’s not about WHAT you are doing, it’s about the WHY!

On Leadership

Dr. Elise Lewis

Member Since 2017

Often we lose sight of others as we advance in our careers. Leadership success is about people, and we should not undervalue the importance of being a catalyst and championing others to their success.

On Failure

Dr. Eleni Bachlava

Member Since 2005

Most valuable learning experiences come from failure; therefore, it is critical to reflect and learn from projects or circumstances that don’t turn out as expected.

On Perfectionism

Dr. Carlotta Maria Arthur

Member Since 2012

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done!” Like many women, I struggle with perfectionism which has resulted from having to “prove it again” or to be accepted in spite of my accomplishments. One of my dissertation committee members told me this, and I have never forgotten it.

On Saying No

Dr. Page S. Morahan

Member Since 1994

*Passion thermometer: say yes to opportunities in your passion area; say no to those not; say no to those in the middle so you will have time and energy when the high passion opportunities arise. And also learn how to say no gracefully.

On Asking for Help

Nicollette Laroco

Member Since 2021

Ask for help. There is the clique in American culture that you achieve your goals based on your own merit and work you put into it. That is not entirely true, we are as strong as the team we surround ourselves in. We work stronger in collaboration and as a unified system than that an individual unit.

On Asking Questions

Dr. Helga Van Miegroet

Member Since 2009

Define your values and what you believe in and then live by these principles. Even if others tell you that you are not good enough or should not try, never stop believing in yourself and what you can contribute. Never doubt what you are capable of.

On Burning Bridges

Dr. Kathryn Oliver

Member Since 2017

Never burn a bridge. Science is small, and you never know who you may need to collaborate with in the future. In the biomedical sciences, our end goal should be to improve the quality and quantity of life for people suffering from disease. Put aside any personal agenda(s) and work towards the common good for all.

On Not Quitting

Dr. Njwen Anyangwe

Member Since 2012

Don’t ever quit! When you fail, analyze the problem, take responsibility, make corrections, and remember that each failure is a learning experience that will bring you closer to success.

On Trying

Dr. Lydia Villa Komaroff

Member Since 1999

If you don’t ask or don’t try, you will never succeed.

On Patience

Kirsten E Overdahl

Member Since 2018

Be patient with yourself – you have a right to be here.

On Speaking Up

Dr. Monica Gonzalez Ramirez

Member Since 2021

Advocate for yourself.

On Obstacles

Line Stigen Raquet

Member Since 2021

Just keep going. Whatever obstacles are thrown your way, there is always a way forward and the most important thing is to have the courage to go on.

On Saying No

Dr. Joyner Eke

Member Since 2021

Never say NO to yourself, let other people say NO. Most times the only thing stopping you is your mind.

On Taking a Chance

Rebecca Learned

Member Since 2020

You can’t always wait until all your ducks are in a row; sometimes you have to take a chance and jump on an opportunity as it happens. 

On Life

Gabi Steinbach

Member Since 2021

Life is not a competition for resources. Life is an experience to be had and shared with others. You are not here to be productive but to be you.

On Dreams

Dr. Sherrie Pietranico-Cole

Member Since 2014

Never give up on your dreams, and surround yourself with managers who envision that you can achieve those dreams.

On Asking Questions

Dr. Moriah Rene Beck

Member Since 2003

It doesn’t hurt to ask. You may be asking for permission to do something unexpected or outside the “rules” set forth. It might be a question no one else has thought to ask.