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The highlighted articles are extremely beneficial for my awareness and for the diversity and inclusion efforts I support within my organization.

Lauren Boldon

AWIS Member since 2022

Examples of Past Programs

Disability in STEM Advocates Hidden Strengths: Disabilities Make Better Scientists

In STEM, women with disabilities cannot demonstrate their full scientific knowledge due to our science labs and lectures are not accommodating their disabilities. For example, seminars aren’t accessible to those with hearing loss and visual impairment. We can empower all people in STEM with compassion and reasonable accommodations.

How to do the Work You Love Without Burning Out

Burnout can often feel insurmountable. However, Kogan believes that burnout can be and must be overcome to be able to continue doing great work. She suggests we can work smarter rather than harder by understanding the symptoms and causes of burnout while implementing the strategies to prevent and reduce it such as practicing self-care, mindfulness meditation, and physical exercises like walking or yoga. (For live bookings, contact Nataly directly at

How Can I Lead in My Career and My Industry?

What does it mean to be a leader? Do we know it when we see it? You may need to change your own perceptions about your role in your organization and helping others to recognize their own leadership capabilities. Erica will also help you develop a plan for growing into a leader and identify specific steps you can take to be recognized as such among your colleagues and peers. (For live bookings, contact Erica directly at

Picture a Scientist: Q&A with Dr. Jane Willenbring and Co-Director Ian Cheney

The film Picture a Scientist chronicles the journey of three women scientists and their experiences with overt harassment and implicit bias. After screening the film, members had the opportunity to dialogue with Dr. Willenbring and Mr. Cheney. Watch the recording to learn about the different types of harassment, how allies can help support women and minority scientists, and suggestions for policy changes that organizations could make.

Unearthing Untold Stories of Women Scientists

An intimate interview and Q&A with New York Times Bestselling Author Marie Benedict. Through a combination of research and storytelling, Marie Benedict is on a mission to uncover the stories of influential women and their significant contributions. Her books touch on gender and racial discrimination, self-efficacy, career pivots, and work-life integration – challenges that women in science and STEM fields still face today.

(Re)Defining the Image of STEM: This Is What a Scientist Looks Like!

For too long, this stereotypical image has persisted of who can be a scientist. Dr. Korie Grayson challenges outdated “norms” and advocates for increased participation of underrepresented groups in STEM. She emphasizes that anyone can be a scientist no matter what they look like.  (For live bookings, contact Dr. Korie directly via

Navigating Professional Spaces as a Women of Color: Insights from Minda Harts

Join AWIS member, Dr. Baindu Bayon for an illuminating and frank conversation with Minda Harts, CEO of The Memo LLC and bestselling author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table. This session provides career advice and actionable takeaways for women of color on dealing with biases, the wage gap, micro-aggressions, and more. This is also time well spent for allies (success partners) and leaders.

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to Lead in a Crisis

COVID-19 has caused many of us stress, fear, anger, fatigue and grief. By taking a deeper look at our own emotional responses to major disruptors, we can better understand and harness them. This interactive session with Andrea Hoban, Co-Founder and head of learning at Oji Life Lab, provides techniques and resources to recognize and shift your mood, increase collaboration and engagement, and improve business results.

The ABCs of STEM Success: Hooded and Beyond

If you have ever doubted your abilities, you are not alone. High-achieving women are more likely to experience Imposter Syndrome.  Hear how Dr. Malika Grayson overcame this and other challenges on her journey to becoming the first Caribbean American woman to graduate with an engineering degree from Cornell University. (For live bookings, contact Dr. Grayson at

Learn How to Say No to Advance Your Career

Whether you have overbooked yourself, realized you have a conflict, or otherwise can’t or don’t want to participate in a project, it’s essential to uncommit gracefully. Setting boundaries respectfully will keep your reputation intact and your relationships strong. Melody Wilding will explain how you can be more assertive and confident, especially while juggling the unique pressures that make it challenging for women to succeed. (For live bookings, contact Melody at

Stories and Advice from Inside the Patent Process

Patent questions were answered by an expert panel which included Dr. Tina Dorr, partner and patent attorney with Cantor Colburn (and former biochemist); Dr. Sharon Hausdorff, VP and Chief IP Counsel at Teva Pharmaceuticals, a registered US patent agent and Israeli patent attorney; and Emily Kinser, a lab manager at 3M and former IBM Master Inventor with 50 Issued US patents and another 19 pending!

Resilience: Finding Passion for your Post-COVID Life

Over the past year, we’ve grown weary of the pandemic and can’t wait for it to be over. But when will that be? And will things ever truly go back to the world that was? We cannot put our happiness on hold. Join this motivating and thought-provoking session with top-rated speaker, Joe Sullivan, to learn ways to stay inspired through times of great change. (For live bookings, contact Joe directly at