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Why partner with AWIS?

AWIS is proud to offer The Inclusion Habit® to our partners. This experiential learning program helps a cohort of individuals within your organization to develop and enhance habits which create a more inclusive environment for all.

By combining daily tasks, commitments, personal tracking, and gamification with leadership encouragement, 90% of participants surveyed at one organization indicated that they were behaving more inclusively by the end of the 2-month experience. 

The six habit building phases of The Inclusion Habit (R) 1) inclusion matters - install a belief that new habit has benefit 2) recognize bias - provide tools to identify and measure bias 3) transform mindset - redirect defensive effort to positive change 4) think slowly - practice aligning actions with values and intentions 5) change intuition - reprogram systematic errors/overwrite biases 6) enhance empathy - hone inclusivity of unseen diversity (copyright The Inclusion Habit LLC)

The keys to this transformation are thinking slowly to avoid relying on unconscious biases, social accountability to reinforce the commitment of building a more inclusive community, and daily reinforcement to disrupt the forgetting curve and establish new habits.

What to expect?

The engagement starts with a one-hour meeting with organization leadership to gauge your DEIB priorities and discuss the best practices and organizational approach.

Participants attend a 20-minute virtual workshop to understand the organization’s DEIB goals, appreciate the importance of individual behavior change, and learn the basics of behavior change and habit formation.

Participants engage in daily microcommitments (2-5 minutes) during workdays for three months where they learn to recognize bias, transform their mindset, enhance empathy, proactively change their behavior, and create new habits.

There is a one-hour meeting with leadership at the midpoint of the program to share progress and another one-hour meeting at the end to share outcomes.

Leadership receives a final report measuring impact and identifying strategies to sustain impact.

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