AWIS Committees

Chapter Advisor Committee

The Chapter Advisory Committee (CAC) members are ambassadors for AWIS’ mission. They are partners in creating a strong and engaged relationship between chapters and AWIS National. CAC members are assigned individual chapters and serve as a dedicated point person for any needs chapters and their volunteer leaders may have.
Thank you to our dedicated members!
These are the current CAC Members and their assigned chapters:
  • Kimberly Scata, PhD Committee Chair
    • AWIS Metro DC
    • AWIS Georgia
    • AWIS Notre Dame
  • Karen Yee, PhD
    • AWIS South Florida
    • AWIS Central Massachusetts
    • AWIS North Carolina
  • Felicia McClary, PhD 
    • AWIS Southern Louisiana
    • AWIS Baltimore
    • AWIS St. Louis
  • Angeliki Diane Rigos, PhD
    • AWIS Massachusetts (Boston)
    • AWIS New York Women in Natural Sciences
    • AWIS Tennessee
  • Elise Lewis, PhD
    • AWIS Central New Jersey
    • AWIS Nevada
    • AWIS Philadelphia
  • Cheryl Vaughan, PhD
    • AWIS Greater Cincinnati
    • AWIS Rhode Island
    • AWIS Indianapolis
  • Eleni Bachlava, PhD
    • AWIS East Bay
    • AWIS Palo Ato
    • AWIS Sacramento Valley
  • Mary Khetani, PhD
    • AWIS LA/Ventura County
    • AWIS San Diego
    • AWIS Chicago
  • Shanna Newton Lavalle, PhD
    • AWIS Fairbanks
    • AWIS Houston
    • AWIS Seattle

Educational Awards Committee

The AWIS Educational Awards Committee works with AWIS Staff to develop award criteria, review applicants, and select scholarship recipients.
  • Karen Yee, PhD
  • Justine Gray 
  • Karen Bjorkman, PhD
  • Lauren Schechtmen
  • Jessica Myers, PhD
  • Brandy Phipps, PhD
  • Jenessa Smith, PhD
  • Priti Mulimani, PhD
  • Gauri, Kulkarni, PhD
  • Ambika, Eranki, PhD
  • Katarzyna Kempinska, PhD
  • Eileen Collyer
  • Chandani Sen, PhD
  • Abosede Salami

Program Committee

The purpose of the Program Committee is to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate high-quality educational offerings that are delivered via Zoom or digitally.

We thank our dedicated members:
  • Aynsley Szczesniak
  • Dana Tango
  • Alicia K. Fleming Martinez, PhD
  • Mercy Omotinume Orukpe Moses