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3:00 pm
Emotional Resilience for Women in STEM
Tatiana Miller

Women in STEM often face unique pressures and challenges that can lead to stress, burnout, and self-doubt. Tatiana Miller provides tools and strategies specifically tailored to their needs, empowering them to navigate these hurdles with greater resilience.
Professional Development
3:00 pm
Strategies for Building a Successful Retirement Plan
Nastashia Young

As more women ascend to leadership roles, the demand for relatable and trustworthy financial guidance is more critical. Financial Representative Nastashia Young will focus on retirement planning and strategies to achieve both your immediate and long-term financial goals.
Financial Literacy
2:00 pm
Estate Planning 101
Michael Salazar

Only one in three American adults has an estate plan that would allow them to leave the legacy they desire. Michael Salazar of Trust & Will aims to lead with education to demonstrate that the only way to leave a lasting legacy is to plan for it.
Financial Literacy
1:00 pm
Skills for Disagreeing Better
Braver Angels

In this polarized time, we lack basic understanding of why people on the other political side hold their beliefs. Braver Angel Ambassadors will lead and moderate this workshop with a goal is to spread the message of depolarization by connecting with local community groups.

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photo of a woman with purple hair smiling at the camera. She is wearing glasses and has blue earrings and a large ring.
Salaries, Negotiating, and Knowing Your Worth
Alaina G. Levine
Money is often a source of stress, yet we're taught not to discuss it openly. Career coach Alaina G. Levine invites participants to use money as a tool for career advancement, gain tips on salary negotiation, and build their ideal career, ultimately achieving their professional and financial goals.
Professional Development
DEI Foundations: Building Your Leadership Engagement Strategy
Jimi Okubanjo
Do you currently have a leadership engagement strategy in place? What obstacles are you trying to overcome? Jimi Okubanjo guides you through the process of using a stakeholder engagement matrix and identifying allies in your journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.
DEI/Women's Issues
Navigating Conflict and Collaboration in the Lab
Jennifer Swann, PhD
Working in a research lab can be both exhilarating and challenging. Led by Dr. Jennifer Swann, this webinar offers practical strategies and effective communication techniques to navigate conflicts, maintain professionalism, and foster a collaborative environment in STEM.
Professional Development
How to Increase Belonging and Reduce Staff Turnover
Amanda Felkey, PhD
Dr. Amanda Felkey will share case studies demonstrating how other organizations increased inclusive behaviors among a cohort of employees using daily micro-commitments, social accountability, and gamification strategies. The results speak for themselves.
DEI/Women's Issues
ICONIC Confidence
Tanya Geisler
In this 60-minute interactive session, tailored for women leaders, Tanya Geisler aims to foster a supportive environment for learning, open discussions, shared experiences, and networking. The talk delves into the intersectionality of the imposter complex and introduces the "ICONIC" framework.
Professional Development
Women in Science Now: How to Use Science to Overcome the Remaining Hurdles to Equity
Lisa M.P. Munoz
During this talk, Lisa M.P. Munoz pairs stories of scientists with data to explore the obstacles facing women in science at every step along their career paths. She also offers a historical perspective on the gender gap and ways you can make science more equitable and inclusive for all.
Professional Development
The Essential Role of Mentorship for Women in Science
Tamara L. Greenfield King, J.D
Have you ever wondered about your network of colleagues or wish you had more mentors in your life? If so, this webinar is for you. Led by Tamara L. Greenfield King, J.D, this webinar will discuss the importance of mentorship for women in science.
Professional Development
How to Choose Your Next Lab or Workplace
Joanne Kamens, PhD
Are you embarking on a scientific career and wondering how to make the right choice when selecting a lab or workplace? This presentation will give you practical tips on what to look for and how to choose a new lab or workplace out of the lab.
Professional Development
AWIS National January 2022 Webinar Speaker Melody Wilding
How to Delegate Effectively (Without Losing Control)
Melody Wilding
It’s no secret that today’s leaders are being asked to do more with less. Delegation is no longer just a “nice to have.” In this presentation, your leaders will discover how to manage their minds and communication to deliver results and operate as a high-performing and happy team.
Professional Development
Flint Water Crisis: 10 Years Later
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha
The Flint Water Crisis was completely preventable, but the perfect storm of poverty, greed, and racism caused those in power to look the other way. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha will share how the city is doing now and the lessons learned in the fight for justice.
Advocacy, Q&A
Dr. Swatee Singh
Exploring Data and AI Literacy
Swatee Singh, PhD
Discover the history of language models, especially their use in Financial Services, both past and present. Dr. Swatee Singh shares the reasons for the excitement behind Large Language Models, how they are being used presently, and what their future potential is.
Usha Rao
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Usha Rao, PhD
In this webinar, Dr. Usha Rao will address the roots of imposter syndrome and discuss the individual and structural aspects that contribute to the experience. She will offer practical solutions and actionable items that help to tackle the issue head-on and reframe it to your advantage.
Professional Development
photo of a woman with purple hair smiling at the camera. She is wearing glasses and has blue earrings and a large ring.
Win-Win Networking: Building and Nurturing Transformational Relationships
Alaina G. Levine
In this webinar, Alaina G. Levine will address strategies and tactics for finding new collaborators and building mutually-beneficial partnerships with professionals across the globe.
Professional Development
Headshot of Mona-Lee Belizaire. Black woman with short brown hair and glasses.
Create a Vision Statement for Your Life
Mona-Lee Belizaire
Just like an organization has a vision statement, you should have one as well. In this webinar, Mona-Lee Belizaire will guide you through how to develop a vision statement for your life that you can use when making decisions and planning for your future.
Professional Development
Arise Firebird Fim Screening Q&A
Jimi Okubanjo
AWIS hosts a free film screening of Arise Firebird which tells the stories of three Women of Color who experienced toxic work environments. Director of Arise Firebird, Jimi Okubanjo, joins AWIS as she explores why she changed the film's title, how to heal from workplace trauma, the role leaders must play in creating safe spaces, and more.
Resume and Interview Tips to Get Noticed and Get the Job
Jessica Winder
Discover how to effectively showcase your skills and experience on your resume, learn techniques for presenting your worth and value during the interview process, and adopt important compensation and negotiation strategies.
Professional Development
The Science of Interpersonal Interactions
Xu Simon, PhD
This one-hour professional development webinar, geared toward STEM graduate students and early-career professionals, breaks interpersonal interactions down into two distinct but interacting parts: sending messages and receiving them.
Professional Development
From Gatekeeping to Groundskeeping: Inclusive Facilitation for Diverse Groups
Sherry A. Marts, PhD
Ensuring that all voices are heard is key to benefitting from team or workplace diversity. Dr. Sherry Marts will introduce approaches and methods for ensuring that meetings are both diverse and inclusive.
DEI/Women's Issues
Ellen Kuwana
Science Communication From a Writer’s Perspective
Ellen Kuwana
Everyone can benefit from learning how to communicate more clearly, especially in writing. Freelance scientific editor Ellen Kuwana will provide insight into what a career in science writing looks like and how to get there.
Professional Development
Lessons from Plants: Insights for Thriving
Beronda L. Montgomery, PhD
Plants experience a kind of sensation that does not require eyes or ears. Dr. Beronda Montgomery will discuss how plant behavior and adaptation in dynamic environments, as well as the relationships that humans have with plants, can offer valuable and disruptive insights for human thriving.
Advocacy, Professional Development
Excellent Public Speaking for Scientists
Joanne Kamens, PhD
Like graphing data, choosing controls, or mixing clear solutions — public speaking is a skill any scientist can learn. Public speaking skills are developed over time with practice and experience. Dr. Joanne Kamens offers fundamentals for preparing and delivering a public talk that will keep the audience awake and interested.
Professional Development
Working Daughter: A Guide to Caring for Your Aging Parents While Making a Living
Liz O'Donnell
Balancing care with career, kids, and more, can feel incompatible and overwhelming. But it shouldn’t be; we can learn to disrupt caregiving before it disrupts our lives! A master storyteller, Liz O’Donnell shares her personal journey of caring for her aging parents – who were both diagnosed with terminal illnesses on the same day – and trying to manage her career.
DEI/Women's Issues
Wendy Ingram, PhD
What to Do When Power Abuse Occurs in Academia (or elsewhere)
Wendy Ingram, PhD
This 60-minute seminar and facilitated discussion include definitions and concrete examples of power abuse, harassment, and discrimination as well as what others have successfully been able to do about it. Leave with insights and specific actions on how to drive change.
Photo of Nataly Kogan
How to do the Work You Love Without Burning Out
Nataly Kogan
We are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, exhaustion, and burnout. And we've all bought into the story that we need to choose between meaningful success and well-being. Nataly Kogan talks about changing this mindset and recognizing that cultivating our well-being is not a soft skill – it's non-negotiable if we want to sustainably do the work we love.
Films & Books, Professional Development
AWIS August Webinar Speaker Jazmine Benjamin
Leveraging Social Media for Professional Opportunities
Jazmine Benjamin
How do you present yourself to the world? Are you effectively promoting your brand on social media? Jazmine Benjamin will teach you how to navigate social media to promote your personal brand, grow your network, and maintain consistency across your platforms for better opportunities.
Professional Development
Taking Action: How Do I Become an Ally?
Grace Pai
Racial bias and prejudice can be present in all sectors of business and institutions. Since the uprisings of 2020, many professionals have wondered how to get involved in social justice and anti-racism. If you ever asked yourself, “How do I become an ally,” this webinar is for you.
Simple Coaching Skills for Managers
Susan Morris, Lara Kallander
How can you improve team performance and become a better leader? Shift your mindset from managing to coaching. In this workshop, two experienced coaches will explore the differences in management approaches, provide examples, and introduce a four-step coaching model.
Professional Development
AWIS National Webinar Speaker Sara Sanford
Negotiating While Underrepresented
Sara Sanford
Women and other underrepresented groups face many barriers in the workplace. Sara Sanford, Executive Director of Gender Equity Now (GEN), believes equity is within reach and plans to share processes and behaviors that can be used to successfully renegotiate salaries, job titles, promotions, remote work schedules, and childcare subsidies.
Professional Development
Space is for everyone: Diversity at NASA
The film Woman in Motion depicts the career of Nichelle Nichols and her efforts to recruit diverse astronaut applicants. We invite you to watch the documentary Woman in Motion April 7-10, then join us for a panel discussion with NASA employees and leaders for a behind-the-scenes look into the current culture at NASA on April 19.
DEI/Women's Issues
Her Hidden Genius
Marie Benedict
In honor of Women’s History Month, Marie Benedict will discuss her latest book with AWIS. Her Hidden Genius features Rosalind Franklin, PhD, the x-ray crystallographer who uncovered the helical nature of DNA, and the challenges she faced as a woman in science including family expectations, a sexist work environment, and deteriorating physical health from repeated radiation.
Films & Books
AWIS National Webinar Speaker Dr. Korie Grayson
(Re)Defining the Image of STEM
Dr. Korie Grayson
For too long, we have had this stereotypical image in our head of who can be and what exactly is a scientist. No longer should those stereotypes stand, for anyone can be in STEM. Learn how we can increase the representation of underrepresented groups in STEM and emphasize that THIS IS WHAT A SCIENTIST LOOKS LIKE!
DEI/Women's Issues
AWIS National January 2022 Webinar Speaker Melody Wilding
Learn How to Say No to Advance Your Career
Melody Wilding
Whether you have overbooked yourself, realized you have a conflict, or otherwise can’t or don’t want to participate in a project, it’s essential to uncommit gracefully. Setting boundaries respectfully will keep your reputation intact and your relationships strong. Melody Wilding will explain how you can be more assertive and confident, especially while juggling the unique pressures that make it challenging for women to succeed.
Professional Development
Because I said I would Alex Sheen
Because I said I would: The science behind a promise.
Alex Sheen
Alex Sheen believes that every individual has the strength to become a person of their word. In this session, Alex shares his insights and actionable ways to become better at fulfilling commitments. He inspires others to become more accountable to their promises through compelling and real-life examples from the “because I said I would” movement. Join the conversation!
Professional Development
AWIS November 2021 Motherhood in STEMM Webinar Isabel Torres
Is Motherhood Causing a Critical Leak in the STEM Pipeline?
Dr. Isabel Torres
Recent research shows that new mothers are nearly 3 times more likely to leave their STEM careers than new fathers or their childless peers. Dr. Isabel Torres will discuss the invisible structural barriers that silently push women in STEM away from their career track and explain why motherhood should be at the center of discussions and interventions to close the gender gap in STEM.
DEI/Women's Issues
Headshot of Dr. Marie A. Bernard
50th Anniversary Celebration: Dr. Marie Bernard reflects on diversity progress
Dr. Marie Bernard
It’s not every day that an organization turns 50. Celebrate this historic milestone and 50 years of AWIS advocacy with featured keynote speaker Dr. Marie Bernard, Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity at NIH. We also announced the annual AWIS awards recognizing individuals who are making significant contributions to advancing women in STEM.
Hidden Strengths: Disabilities Make Better Scientists
Jesse Shanahan
Jesse Shanahan leads a panel as they share why disabilities are actually hidden strengths, how to check your own biases, ways you can support those around you, and how science can be more inclusive. Recommended for industry leaders wanting to support their employees and anyone who wants to become an advocate. Live captioning is available.
Will Federal Grant Requirements to report harassment change behavior?
Kristen M. Schwendinger
Policies against sexual harassment have been in place for many years. Congress continues to push agencies to do more to prevent sexual harassment in extramural research settings. Kristen M. Schwendinger will review the current regulatory requirements and reflect on the differences between University action versus action by federal agency.
Erica Mattison
How Can I Lead in My Career and My Industry?
Erica Mattison
What does it mean to be a leader? Do we know it when we see it? You may need to change your own perceptions about your role in your organization and helping others to recognize their own leadership capabilities. Erica will also help you develop a plan for growing into a leader and identify specific steps you can take to be recognized as such among your colleagues and peers.
Professional Development
The ABCs of STEM Success: Hooded and Beyond
Dr. Malika Grayson
If you have ever doubted your abilities, you are not alone. High-achieving women are more likely to experience Imposter Syndrome. Hear how Dr. Malika Grayson overcame this and other challenges on her journey to becoming the first Caribbean American woman to graduate with an engineering degree from Cornell University.
DEI/Women's Issues
Finding Passion for your Post-COVID Life
Joe Sullivan
Over the past year, we’ve grown weary of the pandemic and can’t wait for it to be over. But when will that be? And will things ever truly go back to the world that was? We cannot put our happiness on hold. Join this motivating and thought-provoking session with top-rated speaker, Joe Sullivan, to learn ways to stay inspired through times of great change.
Professional Development
Dr. Cathy O'Neil
Coded Bias: The Dangers of AI and Algorithms
Cathy O'Neil
Register to attend a Q&A with data scientist Cathy O’Neil to discuss the impact of poorly designed algorithms, Artificial Intelligence’s increasing role in governing our liberties, and the consequences for people stuck in the crosshairs due to their race, color, and gender. Registrants will receive a link to screen the documentary Coded Bias the week before the Q&A.
Successful Networking During a Pandemic
Diane Darling
The pandemic has caused many of us to work remotely and restrict face-to-face interaction. Join social networking pioneer, Diane Darling, for a conversation about how to make connections, expand your network, build relationships and present your best self when taking part in a virtual event.
Professional Development
Dr. Tina Dorr
Stories and Advice from Inside the Patent Process
Dr. Tina Dorr
If you or a colleague is planning to file a patent, join a conversation with our expert panel including Dr. Tina Dorr, partner and patent attorney with Cantor Colburn (and former biochemist); Dr. Sharon Hausdorff, VP and Chief IP Counsel at Teva Pharmaceuticals, a registered US patent agent and Israeli patent attorney; and Emily Kinser, a lab manager at 3M and former IBM Master Inventor with 50 Issued US patents and another 19 pending!
Author, Minda Harts
Navigating Professional Spaces as a Women of Color
Minda Harts
Join AWIS member, Dr. Baindu Bayon for an illuminating and frank conversation with Minda Harts, CEO of The Memo LLC and bestselling author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table. This session provides career advice and actionable takeaways for women of color on dealing with biases, the wage gap, micro-aggressions, and more. This is also time well spent for allies (success partners) and leaders. Success is not a solo sport!
DEI/Women's Issues, Films & Books
Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to Lead in a Crisis
Andrea Hoban
From evidence-based research, it is clear that emotions impact our experience and behavior, as well as the mood of others around us, often more deeply than we realize. However, we have the power to build our emotional intelligence. By actively recognizing our emotions and their sources, then building habits to shift our mood, we can create an emotional balance for ourselves and comfortable space in our team.
Professional Development
Picture a Scientist Film
Picture A Scientist Q&A
Dr. Jane Willenbring
An official selection of the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, Picture a Scientist chronicles the journey of three women scientists and their experiences with overt harassment and implicit bias. It also includes supporting data and insights from twenty other science luminaries. Check out this engaging behind-the-scenes conversation with Dr. Jane Willenbring, one of the cast members, as well as the film’s award-winning co-director Ian Cheney.
Films & Books, Q&A

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