Jes Averhart

The Room Is Better Because You’re In It

By Jes Averhart

We often don’t realize how much of an impact we make. After all, wherever you go…well, there you are! We get used to our strengths and our ways of contributing. And because we’re accustomed to it, we lose perspective around our value.

You probably don’t realize that when you leave the room, the room changes. All your unique lived experiences (I call it your “sizzle-pop”) walks right out the door with you. Your personality. Your expertise. Your very presence…it’s all gone when you exit.

Now think about what happens when the person next to you leaves. The room changes yet again, right? Take a look at your coworker next to you (or if you work remotely, think of a coworker you frequently interact with). Her opinions. Her energy. Her specialties…it all vanishes when she is no longer in the room.

Now…maybe you’re not your coworker’s biggest fan. Maybe you thought, “I’m glad when she leaves the room!” I get that. Some people naturally play the role of the contrarian (AKA the disruptor).

But I urge you to take a moment to consider the possibility that she might bring an insight that you don’t have. She may present a different worldview and a new way of solving problems. Even if she frequently dissents from your ways of doing things, that doesn’t make her wrong. Perhaps that particular moment—and the room—needs a fresh perspective.

Or maybe you’re the one who is constantly pegged as the disruptor on your team. That’s okay! We’re all aware of what happens when a group of yes-people work together. You’re all rowing in the same direction. But up ahead there’s a fork in the river, and one direction leads to calm waters while the other leads to dangerous rapids. If nobody speaks up, your team can end up going over the falls….

And this is why the room is better because you’re in it.

So, tell me…are you ready to stand up and make your voice heard? I hope so…because the world needs a mosaic of voices—especially historically excluded ones. Your voice holds the key to innovation, fresh approaches and yes, disruption. So use it proudly.

P.S. This might seem like a hard left turn…but it’s relevant. I’ve been speaking around the country and the number one thing that’s taking people out of the room is burnout. There’s so much I’d love to say on this topic, but instead I want to invite you to our free resources on how to live beyond burnout. Use this code NOBURNOUT to receive a free PDF copy of our book Living Beyond Burnout and access to our program and community.

The world needs you. Your community needs you. The room needs you.


Jes Averhart is a 4th generation entrepreneur, creator of Reinvention Road Trip®, 3x award-winning author, and master-certified life coach. Over the last two decades, Jes has worked with a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies, public sector organizations and high-performing individuals interested in increased personal growth and greater professional impact.