Headshot of Kristen M. Schwendinger

AWIS Webinar – Federal Grant Requirements to Report Harassment Really Change Behavior?

By AWIS National

Policies against sexual harassment have been in place for many years. Congress continues to push agencies to do more to prevent sexual harassment in extramural research settings. A public calling for a new rule for government agencies that award research grants could influence change in culture.

Tune into Kristen M. Schwendinger to hear her:

  • Provide an update about the NSF, NIH, and NASA requirements incorporated into the terms of research grants
  • Review the current regulatory requirements, and new mechanisms for complainants to report outside their own institution
  • Discuss each policy’s potential impact, and the extent of their implementation
  • Discuss how requirements in research grants related to discrimination could be used to leverage change in behavior
  • Reflect on the differences between University action versus action by federal agency

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Kristen M. Schwendinger is a senior counsel who represents universities, non-profit and for-profit organizations in Research Compliance, Federal Grants, and Litigation & Government Investigations.