Talent Management Solutions

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Talent Management Solutions

Find diverse talent in the AWIS Career Center

Increase diversity in your workforce. The AWIS Career Center contains a pool of talented professionals with experience in STEM who are ready to compete and advance in the global market. The AWIS Career Center is open to all AWIS members and non-members. You can purchase online at www.awis.org/careercenter with a credit card and start posting jobs or searching the resume bank today!

Our global audience would be interested in the trends your organization is seeing, profiles of the women scientists and leaders in your organization, or a case study showing your commitment to workplace diversity.

30 Days $309
60 Days $599
90 Days $879
5-Pack of 30-Day Single Listings $1,339
30-Day Banner Ad $1,000
Purchase a single resume $30
Access the resume vault for 30 days $349

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact our Customer Support team by submitting an email here clientserv@yourmembership.com or calling us at 860-437-5700.

Inspire your employees with AWIS Webinars

Augment your training resources and increase employee satisfaction with engaging AWIS content. We host valuable professional development webinars as well as educational film screenings, author Q&As, and advocacy conversations. Group rates are available for upcoming events.

Past recordings with discussion guides are also available for $500/webinar. View our library at www.awis.org/training-programs.

Increase inclusive behaviors

Ensure your workplace has diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives that create a better work environment for all. AWIS is proud to offer The Inclusion Habit® to any organization interested. This experiential three-month learning program helps a cohort of individuals within your organization to develop and enhance habits that create a more inclusive environment for all.

The keys to this transformation are thinking slowly to avoid relying on unconscious biases, social accountability to reinforce the commitment to building a more inclusive community, and daily reinforcement to disrupt the forgetting curve and establish new habits. Learn more at www.awis.org/increase-inclusive-behaviors.

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© 2023 Association for Women in Science. All Rights Reserved.