AWIS National Webinar Speaker Sara Sanford

AWIS Webinar – Negotiating while Underrepresented with Sara Sanford

By AWIS National

Should women feel free to negotiate as often as men? Yes. Are they treated differently than men when they negotiate? Also yes. Does that mean women shouldn’t negotiate? No.

Women and other underrepresented populations can benefit from using different negotiation language and tools. Acknowledging the unique barriers some groups face when negotiating, Sara Sanford provides actionable tools for treating negotiation as a process of discovery and tactical empathy to get your opponent on your side.

Participants learned:

  • Practical one-liners for shifting the power balance in your favor
  • Tips for getting confident and comfortable with negotiation through everyday ‘mini challenges’
  • Guidelines for using the ‘F word’ (fairness) to diffuse tension and foster empathy
  • Calibrating questions to move the conversation closer to what you want
  • Dealing with objections – you want to hear them!

Past participants have used these skills to successfully renegotiate salaries, job titles, promotions, remote work schedules, and childcare subsidies.

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About Sara Sanford

Sara Sanford wants us to move from shared stories to shared data to solve gender inequity. She is the founder of Gender Equity Now (GEN) and the architect behind the GEN Certification, the first gold standard for gender equity in U.S. businesses. She is also a lecturer at the University of Washington’s School of Information, where she teaches on the intersection of equity, ethics, and data.

Sara inspires audiences to believe that equity and equality are within reach. She helps organizations embrace the idea that changing mechanics, rather than mindsets, can create lasting change at scale. Unlike many trainings on diversity that bring awareness of the barriers to equity but fail to educate attendees on what steps to take next, Sara’s workshops emphasize tangible solutions that business leaders can incorporate into their organization’s culture, starting right now.

The data-driven tools GEN has developed are unparalleled in the United States. They go beyond ‘vanity metrics’ to identify the cultural levers that businesses can adjust to counter the impact of bias.

Sara believes we now have the tools for all business to be equity-centered, if they choose to be. She is a popular TED Speaker and has also been interviewed by the New York Times.