Tennessee Chapter

Network with a Community of Professional Women and Allies in Tennessee (Murfreesboro)

Welcome to the AWIS Tennessee Chapter

The AWIS Tennessee Chapter works at a local level with women from college level up through professional levels to develop and strengthen the community of women pursuing careers in the STEM fields. AWIS Tennessee provides STEM professionals with continuing education through lecture series and special seminars, opportunities to find a mentor or become a mentor, and connecting them with other national and international women’s networks for career and personal development.

AWIS Chapters extend the reach and effectiveness of our collective advocacy efforts on behalf of women in STEM. Chapters are robust, multidisciplinary communities that bring together stakeholders from a wide range of employment sectors, scientific disciplines, and career stages. Their activities can vary greatly based on the leadership and community they serve. By joining a Chapter, members have opportunities to advance their careers through professional development, mentoring, information sharing, outreach and professional networking in formal and informal social settings.

To learn more about AWIS Tennessee, please contact: