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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments



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Environmental, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Forensics, and Energy

Organization Overview

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) is a global company that manufactures analytical and measuring instruments, medical systems, vacuum and industrial machinery, and aircraft equipment designed to measure safety, increase performance, and improve outcomes. SSI works with partners around the world to deliver excellence in areas such as food safety, pharmaceutical development, analysis of hazardous substances, semiconductor manufacturing, early detection of cancer, successful catheterization, safe takeoff and landing, and comfortable flying experiences.

The Challenge

Currently, women comprise less than half of SSI’s overall employee population. The company seeks to increase the presence of women as well as ensure that existing employees feel that they are empowered and heard.

The Solution

As an AWIS partner, SSI employees receive access to live and recorded professional development webinars, career resources, informative and uplifting articles, volunteer and recognition opportunities, and a network of over 7,000 members. Members have shared that these resources have helped to increase their confidence, advance their careers, and provide a sense of belonging. In addition, SSI recruiters can use the AWIS Career Center to advertise job openings and search for qualified STEM professionals.

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Roma Brodecki
Inclusion, Diversity, and Culture Manager
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