Jemma Redmond

Jemma Redmond was both an innovator and biotech engineer who focused her work on the bioprinting process. Her main goal throughout her research was to be able to print functional human tissue, organs, and other devices that could be used for healthcare purposes. Redmond studied physics at Robert Gordon University in 2002 and achieved her master’s degree at University College Dublin in 2012. She also pursued other interests in electronic engineering, project management, and nano-bioscience. Her interest in nano-bioscience was sparked by her intersex condition which made her infertile, and she strived to create functional reproductive organs for later use.
Redmond became the co-founder of Ourobotics, a 3D bioprinting firm that accomplished the incredible feat of creating a printer that could use ten artificial materials at once. Redmond wished every healthcare facility would have access to 3D printing technology for those on the transplant organ list and that the technology could also be used to monitor health conditions with the technological advancements we have today.
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