Dr. Annette S. Lee is an astrophysicist, artist, and director of Native Skywatchers. She identifies as mixed-race Lakota. Her tribe is of the Lakota from the Wanbli Luta (Red Eagle) family, and her other Indigenous community is Ojibwe. In 2007, Dr. Lee founded Native Skywatchers as a grassroots effort “to revitalize, regrow, and remember our Indigenous astronomy and connection to the stars.” Dr. Lee is also a professor of astronomy and physics at St. Cloud State University, an honorary/adjunct professor at the University of Southern Queensland in the Centre for Astrophysics, an associate adjunct professor at the University of California-Santa Cruz in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, and a professional visual artist. Dr. Lee holds a PhD in physics and astronomy, and an MFA from Yale School of Art with a focus on painting.

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