AWIS CEO Attends Signing of CHIPS and Science Act at the White House

August 10, 2022



Shelley O’Brien

Association for Women in Science (AWIS) CEO Attends Signing of CHIPS and Science Act at the White House

WASHINGTON DC, August 9, 2022 – Today President Biden will sign the CHIPS and Science Act, and AWIS CEO, Meredith Gibson, was invited to attend the celebration and witness the historical event. She will represent the national voice of women in science.

AWIS supports the legislation which will invest billions of dollars to fund domestic semiconductor manufacturing, science education, and research. It also includes provisions designed to increase women in STEM fields as well as prevent and mitigate sexual harassment.


  • The Secretary of Commerce will be required to establish activities in the Department of Commerce to increase the opportunity for and inclusion of women-owned and minority owned businesses. 
  • The Director of the National Science Foundation will be required to make competitive awards to colleges and non-profit organizations to enable such entities to increase the participation of women and underrepresented minorities in STEM studies and careers. 
  • The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) will be required to establish an interagency working group to reduce sexual harassment.
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Academies will update the report On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research to include practices for preventing and addressing sexual harassment. 
  • The Government Accountability Office will assess Federal research agency implementation of the OSTP policy guidance related to preventing and mitigating sexual harassment in the academic STEM workforce.


In addition to supporting women in STEM, the bill aims to increase diversity by:

  • Establishing a Chief Diversity Officer position at the National Science Foundation
  • Improving outreach to Minority Serving Institutions
  • Increasing rural STEM education through online education, mentoring opportunities, and resources


“The President’s and Congress’ support for these programs will make a positive impact on the career trajectories of women and minorities in STEM,” says Gibson. “Investment in science, and a diverse scientific workforce, is critical to ensure rapid innovation and national competitiveness. But the data shows that we lose women at every career milestone due to bias, harassment, and caregiving constraints. This bill provides funding for additional research and science education that will help AWIS combat the leaky pipeline and advance women in science.”

According to the Pew Foundation, women earned 68% of STEM master’s degrees, 65% of STEM research doctorates, and 65% of STEM professional doctorate during the 2017-2018 school year. However, women make up only 28% of the STEM workforce according to the American Association for University Women. 

AWIS supports women in science with scholarships, professional development, recognition in AWIS marketing vehicles, networking opportunities via the membership directory and local chapter events, volunteer opportunities to build leadership skills, and weekly content relevant to women in science.

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