Tabitha Wakhungu

Mechanical Engineer
SMC Corporation of America
AWIS member since 2023

“If you are not sure, ask. Do not assume.”

Tabitha Wakhungu

What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned?

I’ve learned the value of effective, clear and transparent communication in building trust, fostering collaboration and aligning the team towards a common goal. Communication is key to great performance and results.

What do you consider to be your most important career achievement or milestone?

I was appointed to be the tech lead for a new product series being introduced to the market. This product series has been designed to enable sustainable, condition-based maintenance and digitalization in pneumatic equipment. This expanded my knowledge and professional contacts.

What do you aspire to accomplish in your career and why? What obstacles will you overcome?

I aim to have my design ideas implemented in the industry. It is very competitive however, so this will require many resources and also time to test, run trials and satisfy industry regulations.

Describe an amazing opportunity in your STEM career.

Joining my current department and getting a chance to work with wonderful engineers in different projects with regards to air preparation components and systems

How was AWIS helped you professionally and/or personally?

There are so many women who have inspiring profiles and stories which have been motivating in my career development journey.

What is your favorite word? (only one word)


How do you define it?

Letting go self doubt, fear and/or second guessing yourself. Just go for it.

How has this word influenced or inspired your career?

This word has allowed me to voice my ideas which have generated great solutions and also allowed me to identify my mistakes.

How does AWIS impact your career journey?

All the resources available in AWIS will make me more confident in my career development.

What are you currently reading or listening to?

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

What do you consider the best professional or personal advice you’ve ever received?

If you are not sure, ask. Do not assume.

Tabitha N. Wakhungu is a Mechanical Engineer at SMC corporation of America, with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Wright State University. She is a strong advocate for continuous learning and knowledge sharing, and very passionate about design and development of solutions. She looks forward to having an impact on the upcoming generation of black women interested in STEM. Her dream is to have a future where women do not have to continuously prove themselves to the world.